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The original art for Vocappend. New art including all the Vocaloid characters is a still a WIP.

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This site is where you can search everything Vocappend. Everything from future projects to your old favorites to the people that have become part of Vocappend. You can even make suggestions for future dubs, comment on existing dubs, or give your opinions on new projects.

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Vocappend is the largest Vocaloid Chorus group on YouTube at the moment. The group is English oriented and a large majority of the dubs they do are in English. Each singer has a Vocaloid, and the singers had to audition for the Vocaloid they wanted to be. Vocappend is not currently accepting new members due to the great number of existing members.

The members are in constant communication to provide the best dubs of favorite vocaloid songs. They Skype everyday and are simply best friends. Members generally have their own YouTube channels where they work on many interesting things beyond the relms of Vocaloid dubs. A few have UTAUloids, use MMD, and draw on their YouTube channels.

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